I’m Blind I’m a Chump I Wanna be an Ump – BOF

Another Thursday, another chance for Brews on 1st to go 2-0 and cross over the .500 mark. This Thursday brought a significant challenge in front of the team as they looked to accomplish the feat. 

Brews on 1st would be aided by Team Doc clearing all injuries and giving the team a fresh bill of health. Jacob Leclaire (Louie V), Sean Clark (Injury) and Javier Guadiana (Javs) were all slated to be in the lineup. With only one week in the regular season after Thursday, it was a key night.

A beautiful evening yielded another sell out crowd, setting the franchise record for attendance, and were ready to cheer the fellas to victory. You know the Brews on 1st ticket sales department has been grinding fill the seats.

Sell out crowd

Game one brought GC Brew Crew to town. A team that Brews on 1st had struggled against in the past. Last season, GC Brew Crew managed to mercy the boys twice and talk an enormous amount of shit in the process.  Capped off by a grown man Making kissy faces and Brews on 1st second baseman Alex Mauri (Safari). 

The squad was licking their chops for revenge but knew they had to keep their heads to have a chance. With RBI’s from Louie V and Marcus Cook (Chach), Brews on 1st found themselves with a slim 3-2 lead after two innings.

Chach ripping the ball

The chirps were flying from both benches throughout the middle portion of the game. Headed up by GC Brew Crew left center fielder yelling “That’s their last good hitter” after Louie V roped a triple. News flash to that guy, Brews on 1st still have Chach, Gabe Callery (G Duggs), Chuck Desjardin (Chuck), and Brock Delisle (Lesnar) yet to come to the dish.

After solid defense from both sides, Brews on 1st had a chance to steal a win entering the bottom of the seventh inning only down one run and the heart of the order looming. Brian Oldani (FloSho) led off the inning with a single and made his way to third after a Safari double right behind him.

Bombs away

Louie V, after a week hiatus due to illness found himself in a walk off opportunity. Aided by his light footedness and poor defending, both FloSho and Safari were able to score and secure the win for Brews on 1st

Louie V walkoff
Ensuing celebration

As the fellas went through the handshake line, you could see the despair and disbelief on GC Brew Crew faces. This win cemented Brews on 1st as a team to be reckoned with, knocking off the second place team and delivering only their third loss of the season. 

After a big game one, there was still another game to focus on. Pitted against Buds, a new team to the league, the boys weren’t quite sure what to expect. It was quickly obvious the emotional game one trained some focus out of Brews on 1st as errors on errors led to Buds taking a commanding 13-3 lead after two innings. 

While The boys attempted to claw back, two separate times our Ump, Chico, forgot how many outs there were and immediately jumped on board with the number given by Buds, which was wrong both times.

However, knowing the importance of picking up win number two of the evening, Brews on 1st came together and started clawing back. On the backs of 3 HR, 6 R, 3 3B and 6 RBI combined from G Duggs and Chuck, the squad found themselves trailing 15-10 in the top of the sixth inning.

G Duggs and Chuck

With the time limit coming to an end, it was now or never for Brews on 1st. 

This is when things got ugly.

Like a dream played out in a young child’s head, FloSho found himself stepping to the dish with bases juiced, two outs. Only problem, Brews on 1st were out of home runs, so a grand slam would end the game.

Flosho hit a lace into left field. The ball looked like it might be a game ending HR, but it was tough to tell mid flight. As the ducks rounded the pond the ball fell over the left fielder’s head. Upon seeing the left fielder crouch down to go make a play on the ball as it rolled to the fence, he threw his hands up signaling the ball went under the fence (the third time he had done so in this game).

Tough break but it would’ve scored two and brought the tying run to the plate.

But wait, then the left fielder started circling his finger in the air, claiming the ball was over the fence and a homerun. And what did the unbiased, great at their job, Chico do? He followed suit and called it a homerun. 

Then ensued all of Brews on 1st, their fans and EVEN SOME PLAYERS ON BUDS complaining about the call saying it was under the fence. But Chico stood his ground, and confirmed it was a homerun. Chalk it up to a selfish cheater in left field and a toothless blind man wanting to go home, he ended the game right there.

More words were exchanged between Chico and Brews on 1st manager FloSHo. Before ultimately going their separate ways. 

After a tough pill to swallow, Brews on 1st knew they played well Thursday and had their eyes set on the final regular season night of the year. Another triple bopper awaits.

One more thing. Shoutout Team Photographer Shaunna Maxwell (Shmoney) and her volleyball team for winning their respected championship the night before!

Next Game –

5/25, Canton Softball Center, 7:30, 8:45, 10.

Notable Performances –

Chuck – 1 3B, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 3 R

Safari – 2 2B, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 3 R

Louie V – 2 3B, 5 RBI, 3 R, Walkoff

Chach – 5/7, 2 2B, 3 RBI

FloSho – 5/7, 4 R

Some of the heros

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