Brews on 1st – Bloody Thursday

Rolling back into action under the guise of trying to become an above .500 ballclub. Knowing the team has been under performing, the fellas are feeling the pressure to pick up wins every week and battle back in the standings.

This week wouldn’t prove to be easy as star 3rd baseman, Jacob Leclaire (Louie V), found himself with an illness he couldn’t shake and missed the games. We will have doc evaluate Louie V, plus other injuries further and get an update for the fans. Louie V is currently listed as Week-to- Week. 

This is the exact reason Brews on 1st brought in Gabe Callery (G Duggs) and Chuck Desjardin (Chuck) this offseason, to be a utility swiss army knife on the diamond. The two of them were able to slot into 3rd base with ease and not miss a step.

Chuck and FloSho locking down left side

Another solid crowd in attendance for the evening. Including a former Brews on 1st teammate, Marcus Hill (Maltby). Someone needs to throw a mic on that kid next time he is in attendance.


Game one against Plymouth Rocks went just about how the season has been going. Struggling in the field and some errors built up into big innings. The tough part being, Brews on 1st would make the difficult plays but then let the easy ones slip through their fingers. Brian Oldani (FloSho) made an outstanding catch in shallow left center while falling down and doubled the guy up at second. Then the next inning came around and FloSho dropped a soft liner hit directly to him, frustrating. 

After letting up a six run second inning, Brews on 1st stumbled their way into a 7-4 deficit. Tempers began flaring as Plymouth Rocks hit line drives after line drives right back up the middle at Veteran Pitcher James Tucker (Tucksauce). Including one that drilled him in the leg (good thing he unveiled a new pitching mask to protect the money maker) and the asshole thought it would be fun to get a double out of it while our pitcher was injured. Thanks Dick.

Tucksauce’s new equipment

But after Settling down with help from our outfielders making plays, including Chuck in right center throwing two guys out at second base for force outs. Brews on 1st pulled to within 1 entering the final inning. 

Disappointingly, Brews on 1st went 3 up and 3 down in the final inning to secure a win for Plymouth Rocks. After dropping game one 17-15 and falling to 2-4 overall, it was apparent the fellas needed to win game two to keep the season afloat. 

Game two brought to town Dirty Mike and The Boys, a new team this season. Defensively, the gloves woke up, not allowing a run until the fourth inning. The cook brothers – Marcus Cook (Chach) and Jon Cook (Lil Cookin’) provide some great catches in the outfield. One being a spin-o-rama catch by the latter.

The bats in game two were hot as well. On the backs of G Duggs, Alex Mauri (Safari) and Tucksauce being a combined 9/10 with 5 RBIs, 3 R and a HR. Ultimately, Brews on 1st proved to be too much for Dirty Mike and The Boys to handle as they cruised to a 13-3 mercy win.

G Duggs ripping a hit

However, the night proved to be costly for Brews on 1st. Javier Guadiana (Javs) took a fly ball right off the nose and missed game two of the evening. Brock Delisle (Lesnar) had some shin splints late in the evening. And lastly, Sean Clark (Injury) took a hot grounder right off the family jewels, but still managed to get the out at first before keeling over. Team Doc will have his hands full looking trying to get the boys back on the diamond. More updates to follow.

Javs posted nose injury

While still trying to iron out the kinks, picking up a win in game two of the evening was huge. Kept Brews on 1st in the middle of the pack, not too far away from striking distance. Once again, the boys don’t shy away from the fact they are underperforming and will keep looking to improve week by week. 

Next Games –

5/18, Canton Softball Center, 6:20, 7:30 and 8:45. Triple Bopper incoming


Tucksauce – 5/7, 2 R, Only 3 runs allowed and 2 K’s in game two on the bump

Chach – 5/7, 1 R, 3 RBI, 1 ꓘ

FloSho – 6/8, 4 R, 4 RBI, 2 2B, 2 3B

Safari – 4/8, 1 HR, 3 RBI

Chuck – 5/7, 2 3B, 4 RBI, 3 R

Cook at the dish


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