Dillion Brooks Should Get a Lakers Championship Ring

This was written by our behind the scenes guy – Patty. Enjoy.

Literally the entire NBA should have a problem with this man. After seemingly the most evenly matched regular season ever concluded this year, the table looked open. Of course there were some favorites but it wasn’t the 4 horse race we have become accustomed to the NBA playoffs. There was a real, lively March madness vibe around this years playoffs…

Then Dillon Brooks poked the bear…


And what do you know, it woke him up.

After finishing the season, post all-star break, as a team on a mission. It felt like there was a chance they could have hit the gas too early. An early spark that would inevitably burn out in the first round against a fun grizzlies team. They would have blamed it on injuries and AD and LeBron not playing enough games together, and the LeBron hate would have POURED in.

But alas, Dillion Brooks decided to piss off LeBron James and awaken the killer we have all had the pleasure of witnessing these past couple decades. And after finishing off the Grizzlies in 6, it’s looking like LeBron is still locked in.

And wouldn’t you know it, he is primed to win arguably his most iconic championship. And while I understand the magnitude of his one in Cleveland, hear me out.

Beating the two seed in a very competitive western conference in the first round, putting the world on notice. Following that up, with slaying the dragon and beating the warriors in round two. Beating Steph, Klay, and Draymond without home court advantage would be a series for the ages.

THEN, getting to go toe to toe with the newest juggernaut in the NBA, the Phoenix Suns. Beating CP3, possibly ending his hunt for a championship, and getting the monkey off his back for the years KD bestest him in the finals.

After that, take your pick out of the east for the story line. Celtics / Lakers would be an insane blast from the past, and that series would be for “Winningest Franchise of All Time” designation as well. They are currently tied for most all time championships, with 17 each. Or he takes down the MVP and his gaggle of 76ers. Or better yet, you plug in an exciting Knicks team, and LeBron wins one in the Garden.

You can’t script that any better, and it’s all Dillion Brooks’ fault. I can’t believe he really did it, but I can’t wait to watch.

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