MUST WATCH: I Have the Funniest Fight Video of All Time


In the blue corner we have 53-year old, purple haired, 52 DDD bust with a major reach advantage. FIGHTING out of Compton, California, Sugar Shanice.

In the red corner we have a 31-year old, shirtless midget with a major disadvantage in the striking game. FIGHTING out of Inglewood, California, by way of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Dangerous Dontrell.

Fight stats for Dontrell: Punches – thrown 4, landed 1 to her left titty.

Fight stats for Shanice: Punches – thrown 2, landed 0. Knees – thrown 3, landed 2 to the solar plexus.

PS… Look at those gas prices! Thanks Obama!


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