A Buck/Aikman Monday Night

Seahawks 17, Broncos 16

How the fuck did that happen? Russ Wilson was supposed to return to the PNW and run through the Seachickens with his new team and new play caller. He was supposed to cook.

1. Geno Smith might not be as bad as we all thought.

Geno Smith actually played pretty well. He didn’t light it up by any means (23-for-28, 195, 2TD), but he didn’t royally fuck anything up either. Seattle scored on their first three drives and Geno looked like a real starting quarterback. They didn’t score the rest of the game, but we’ll always remember those three drives. Geno was so sick at West Virginia. He threw for a million yards and a thousand touchdowns and WVU went 7-6. It was kinda hilarious. Call me crazy, but I’m still writing off Geno Smith.

2. Russell Wilson might not be as good as we all thought.

This is an overreaction. Wilson is going to be fine. He’s so fucking weird though. I wouldn’t be able to play with that dude. No chance. His teammates have to be so sick of his shit by now. There’s professional athletes that would be a joy to sit down and have a beer with on the weekend. You know the guys: Josh Allen, Dame Lillard, Kevin Kisner. And there’s guys that having a beer with would be the worst time of your life: Russell Wilson, Lebron James, Patrick Reed. Fuck this guy.

3. Broncos should leave their dumb-dumb brained head coach in Seattle.

Nathaniel Hackett… what the fuck was that?? Peyton knew. Eli knew. Shannon knew. Hackett did not.

4. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on ESPN was weird and awesome.

It took about 10 second to get used to Buck and Aikman on ESPN. ESPN needed to get it right this time and they did. These guys are the best in the business. Recently, the Monday Night Football team has been cat shit. Joe Tessitore and Jason Witten was a nightmare. The Booger McFarland episodes were unwatchable. Steve Levy is great, but not as a big game, play-by-play voice. They called in the big guns. To be fair, Buck and Aikman shit on Russell Wilson and the Broncos, while outwardly cheering for the Seahawks the whole game. It was awesome. Listen to the excitement in their voice for the Jeudy touchdown…


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