Sunday Night Football on Thursday

I’d like to start to writing a couple of thoughts about these stand-alone NFL games on Thursday and Monday night. Somebody hold me to it. Just my thoughts, man (Jay-Z voice).

1. Josh Allen is really fucking good.

This isn’t news to anybody that has watched football over the last couple of years, but it stuck out to me in this game. The 53-yard touchdown to Stefon Diggs was preposterous. Dude could have picked up the 3rd-and-4 with his feet, but this savage decides to flick the wrist and air it out 56 yards on the run. Oh yea, he also led the Bills in rushing (10, 56, TD).

2. Gabe Davis is a really good #2. #3 and #4 ain’t bad either.

First off, Diggs is gonna Diggs. He’s a beast. And when Gabe Davis caught eight balls for 204 yards and 4 touchdowns in the playoffs, I thought it was a fluke. It turns out he might be pretty good too. With Emmanuel Sanders gone, Davis jumps up to that #2 option for the Bills and he was good last night (4, 88, tuddy). Cole Beasley is gone too. I know, I know. Who cares about Cole Beasley? Well, Josh Allen does. Beasley had back-to-back seasons of 80+ catches and over 2,400 yards for the Bills. I liked what I saw from Jamison Crowder and Isaiah McKenzie in the slot (5, 47, tudder). Very cool moment when McKenzie did a gender reveal for his sister after the touchdown.

3. Allen Robinson plays for the Rams?

Coulda fooled me after his no-show performance in the opener. One catch for 12 yards. Yikes. The Rams are only a couple years removed from trotting out Cooper Kupp, Bobby Woods and Brandin Cooks every snap. Kupp is the best receiver in the league. Cooks is gone. Woods is gone. Odell Beckham is down. Van Jefferson is down. Either Cooper Kupp goes for 200 catches and 2,500 yards (and he might) or the Rams are going to need more from Allen Robinson II.

4. Aaron Donald. No fine? No suspension? Just starts Week 1 like nothing happened?

Here’s my Browns fandom coming out. And I get it too. Myles Garrett swings a helmet at the most punchable face in the league Mason Rudolph and gets sussied indefinitely. But it was in the regular season and on a Thursday night, which means it was the only show in town. Aaron Donald on the other hand swings two helmets at all 53 players on the Bengals and nothing happens. Mike Tirico (Italian) didn’t even mention it on the broadcast. I guess there aren’t any rules in training camp.


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