Moving Week in College Football

Well, we made it through Week 1 of the college football season. My Ohio State Buckeyes passed their first test of the season and are up to the #2 spot in my weekly Top 10.

I have 22 plays this week. I think this is the week I go 18-4 or 4-18. It’s one or the other. It’s moving day.

Louisville / UCF under 61.5

Cards offense looked really bad and UCF can’t pull that much weight to get this game to 62.

Boise State / New Mexico over 44

Boise put up decent numbers against a P5 and New Mexico finished in the 40s last week. Gotta think they combine for 50+.

Ohio State -44 vs Arkansas State

Beat Notre Dame by double digits and fall in the AP Poll? Aight, cool. Buckeyes by 60.

Kansas State -7.5 vs Missouri

Geographic rivalries matter to college coaches. K-State will come ready and Missouri is not a good football team.

South Carolina / Arkansas over 53

Thought long and hard about Hogs -9. I like Hogs -9, but I can’t dive in and get burnt. So it’s the total for this one too. Points, points, points.

Wake Forest / Vanderbilt under 65.5

Can’t have a good offense when wearing these colors. It’s science.

Marshall / Notre Dame over 51.5

I’m aware that I have scarlet-tinted glasses during the college football season. That being said, I don’t think Notre Dame’s offense is as bad as Ohio State made it look on Saturday. What do we need out of Marshall? 13?

Appalachian State / Texas A&M over 54

Remember when App State beat Michigan? That was fun.

Tennessee / Pittsburgh under 67.5

When you have two high-powered offenses that total gets inflated pretty quick. If one team is off, it goes under. If both teams are off, it goes way under.

Houston +3 at Texas Tech

Lubbock, Texas is in the middle of nowhere. Cougs will get the win and get out of there as quickyl as possible.

Iowa State / Iowa over 40.5

The number is so low that logically it should go over. I just talked myself into taking the under. Nope, flip-flop flip-flop, fade yourself, over.

Kent State / Oklahoma under 72.5

Same thing here. This is my lock of the week. That number is so high it should logically go under. 51-21 is an under. That’s bananas.

Florida -6 vs Kentucky

I don’t know man. I thought Florida looked pretty good against Utah. The Richardson kid is electric.

Syracuse -22.5 at UConn

Ohh yea! Big East basketball is back! They should play this game at Madison Square Garden.

UMass / Toledo over 49.5

I could see Toledo scoring 50. I could see Toledo giving up 30.

Oklahoma State -11 vs Arizona State

I might lose on Oklahoma State all year.

USC -8 at Stanford

Andrew Luck isn’t walking through that door any time soon.

Boston College +3 at Virginia Tech

Hokies? More like Jokies. Can’t even beat old whatchamacallit last week. Bums.

Hawaii +52 at Michigan

Too many points.

Hawaii / Michigan over 67

Can’t lose both.

Baylor +3 at BYU

I might stay up past my bedtime to watch this one. Baylor wins outright and might be legit.

Arizona +10.5 vs Mississippi State

Plus double digits at home. Don’t think, just shoot.

Good luck. Pay your bets if you lose.


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