Full Slate of College Football

I have 25 picks for a full slate of college football. Admittedly, I got a little excited about the games on Thursday. Happy September.

Oklahoma State -21.5 vs Central Michigan

Revenge game for the 2016 Hail Mary. I’m all in on Okie State. Cowboys roll.

West Virginia / Pitt over 51

Sweet Caroline, EAT SHIT PITT!! The Backyard Brawl might be a close game but its played in the 30s.

Penn State -3.5 at Purdue

Is this a rat line? It feels like a rat line. I was shocked at this number. I’d like State Penn at -9.5, but I’ll take those six points.

St. Francis / Akron over 47.5

Who knows? It’s a Thursday game with a small number, so I’m taking the over. Both teams fucking suck. Hopefully their defenses are worse than their offenses.

Florida International -10 vs Bryant

Off-brand Florida schools still get off-brand Florida recruits. Off-brand Florida recruits are more than 10 points better than the team Bryant is putting on the field.

UCF -37.5 vs South Carolina State

I mean, they won a national title a couple years ago. They should be able to beat South Carolina State by 38 or more, right?

VMI +34.5 at Wake Forest an under 68

Nobody should lose to Wake Forest by 35. That means the DDs aren’t going to be in the 50s so take the under. This feels like a double loser, and that’s why I love it so much.

New Mexico State / Minnesota over 53

New Mexico State scored 12 points last week. They won’t go that low this week. I think the Aggies can get to 20 and Minnesota wins by two scores. 34-20, that’s your over.

Northern Arizona / Arizona State over 50.5

Good weather, hot girls, fast turf, lots of points.

Virginia Tech -7.5 at Old Dominion

This is a slap in the face. Don’t overthink it.

Michigan State -23.5 vs Western Michigan

The Big Ten (normally) beats up on the MAC. Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State try their best to embarrass in-state MAC schools. Sparty hangs a big one on WMU.

Tennessee Tech +27.5 at Kansas

Kansas shouldn’t be favored by 27.5 against anybody.

NC State / East Carolina over 51.5

Feel like both of these squads were putting up 35-40 points pretty regularly last year. This one just has over vibes with the small number.

North Carolina +1 at Appalachian State

How ‘down’ can North Carolina really be? You can’t put 22 dudes on the field that can beat App State? I don’t believe that.

Rutgers +7 at Boston College

This game stinks. Plug your nose and take the points. If it were BC +7, I’d be on the other side.

UCLA -23 vs Bowling Green

Another Big Ten vs MAC matchup here and I’m going with the Big Ten again. There isn’t a bigger difference in lifestyle than between Los Angeles, Calif. and Bowling Green, Ohio.

Oregon +17 at Georgia

I think this is going to be a classic Week 1 contest. Oregon can keep it close and have a chance to pull the upset in the fourth quarter. Georgia might still be getting some undeserved national title credit from Vegas.

Tulsa / Wyoming over 44

This is my lock of the week. I have a small, stupid brain. I watched one Tulsa game in 2017 against Toledo and it was an absolute shootout, 54-51. I think Tulsa has scored 50+ in every game since. Wyoming scored a whole ass nine points at Illinois and will explode for 10-17 this week. Give me 31-14 for the over.

Army / Coastal Carolina under 53.5

Service academy with the total over 50: system play. Under.

Liberty -3.5 at Southern Miss

I think Liberty is still good. My brain will be betting on Malik Willis for the next decade.

Notre Dame / Ohio State over 59

I don’t think Ohio State can stop anybody and I don’t think anybody can stop Ohio State. I’m excited for this one. Feels like those old early season series against Texas and USC back in the day.

Alabama -41.5 vs Utah State

Pick a score. I’ll say 65-3.

Western Kentucky / Hawaii under 67.5

Huge number and these teams looked less than stellar a few days ago. I like this one.

Georgia Tech / Clemson over 49

I have no idea what Clemson is going to be this year. Take the over and have fun while we figure it out.

There you have it. Good luck. Pay your bets if you lose.


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