Brews on 1st Excel in Extras

With momentum stemming from last week, Brews on 1st attempted to keep the good vibes rolling with another solid Thursday night performance. Sitting in 3rd place with a 3-1 record, the boys were hungry to continue climbing the standings. 

Standing in the way of a 2-0 night were the Plymouth Rocks (3-1) and the Jager Bombs (0-2).

Missing Players

Macus Hill (Cat Hunter) – Marcus has been battling his hamstring injury stemming from playoffs last season. With a flare up the day before the game, Cat Hunter and management sat down and concluded it made sense to sit out another week. The front office remains optimistic he can make it back soon.

The Games

Game number one brought a huge hurdle for the Brews on 1st. Going up against Plymouth Rocks brought back memories of three losses to them last season. Knowing the off season changes made to go along with a fresh start, Brews on 1st was poised to win for the first time against the Plymouth Rocks.

Javier Guadiana (Javs) got the first inning started with a walk, followed up by a single from Brian Oldani (FloSho) and a 3 run shot from Jacob Leclaire (Louie V). The bats continued to hit through two innings, but the boys still found themselves in a 10-7 hole following 2 innings.

Louie V hits 3 run inside the park homerun.

In the third inning, Marcus Cook (Chef), Brock Delisle (NoFlyZone) and Sean Clark (SC) all came into score, ultimately tying the game at 10 through 3 innings. With the Defense picking up and bats scratching a few runs across here and there, Brews on 1st was leading 16-14 entering the bottom of the 7th.

Unfortunately the defense couldn’t quite hold up and 2 runs scored, tying the game at 16. Believing it to be a tie, both teams lined up to shake hands. Blue had other plans. “Let’s play another inning.”

With 2 on and 2 out, SC came up with some HUGE two out hitting, driving in Alex Mauri (Safari) followed up by another clutch hit, Phil Conrad (P) singling to bring home James Tucker (Tucksauce). Taking an 18-16 lead into the bottom of the 8th.

Huge 2 out RBI from SC

Similar to the situation the boys found themselves in, 2 on but only 1 out for the Plymouth Rocks. A lefty stepped to the dish and hit an absolute screamer into right. Charging in came Javs, making an outstanding catch on the run and getting it in quickly to hold the runners. The next batter hit a little blooper into shallow center, FloSho had a great jump on the ball and ended up chasing it down to make a over the shoulder falling down catch to end the game. 

Brews on 1st win game one in extra inning. 18-16.

Game two saw Brews on 1st utilizing their bullpen. In preparation for Tucksauce missing the following 2-3 weeks, P came in to pitch game two for a nice warmup. Tucksauce is more of a break, spinner pitcher while P is a corner painter, control guy.

With a new pitching toeing the rubber, the first inning brought some scary moments as both Javs and NoFlyZone roped a ball right back at the pitcher, both hitting him. Thankfully he was okay and a good sport about the situation.

P getting it done on the mound and at the plate.

The boys started relatively slow against a bad team – outside of another 3 run homerun from Louie V, it was 3-2 after two innings. The defense behind P was good outside of two wild throws courtesy of the famous ‘Left Side’ (FloSho and Louie V) keeping an inning alive leading to a 5 run burst. 

Brews on 1st powered through some early struggles to keep scoring at a good clip and playing well defensively. Headed into the bottom of the final inning, BRews on 1st found themselves clinging to a 2 run lead. 

It was no worries as there were two liners hit right to Safari and FloSho, and a pop up hit to Louie V. Ultimately ending the game and giving Brews on 1st another win and a 2-0 night.

Bringing their overall record to 5-1.

Notable Performances

FRANCHISE RECORD – 4 games above .500

P – 6/8 5 RBI 1 R 1 BB, First Career Win pitching

Louie V – 6/10, 3 2Bs, 2 HRs, 8 RBI, 5

Javs – 2/5, 2 RBI, 4 R, 5 BB

Chef – 5/8, 1 2B, 3 R

Javs gearing up for a big night batting lead off.
Don’t know why it doesn’t say 5-1.

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