Baker Mayfield Traded To Panthers: My Thoughts As A Browns Fan

Well it finally happened. The summer long hype can finally come to an end. What seemed to be dragged out longer than Aaron Rodgers deciding on if he was leaving or not, was finally put to rest when it was announced that the Browns will be trading their former 2018 first overall pick to Carolina for a conditional 5th round pick.

If you’re looking for Baker slander, you’re reading the wrong article. As a life long Browns fan and a very open “Baker Bro”, I refuse to become apart of the ungrateful Browns media/fanbase who if you gave them Tom Brady would still find something to complain about. These are the people who ran this man out of town after *deep breathe* gave this team its first win after coming in mid-game against the Jets on Thursday night in 2018, giving this team it’s first winning season probably since 2007 in 2020, its first playoff appearance since 2002, and its first playoff win since 1995, and moreover was a guy who truly connected with this town and its fan and new what winning in Cleveland meant. These are the same people who turned their back on him after one bad season and who (IMO) purposely left out that fact that he was hurt for more than half the year to promote their hit piece that he was just another player in the Browns quaterback graveyard.

My prediction moving forward (should he beat Sam Darnold for the starting job) is that a now fully healthy Baker, will come out this season swinging for the fences and be back to his “woke up feeling dangerous” playoff mentality self. With that, the same Baker haters, will be the first to praise him (should he do well) and trash the Browns for letting him go. Not to mention the media frenzy we will have to deal with since the Browns and Panthers play each other week one.

Whatever happens with the Watson case, I am very looking forward to seeing him play in the orange and brown over the next five years, and I understand it’s all business with letting Baker go. As a forever “Baker Bro”, I wish him nothing but the best and want him to succeed and be the great QB that we saw at Oklahoma.


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