Brews on 1st Lose Momentum

No article was written last week as the Brews on 1st squandered their stellar over .500 record. The boys lost by one in game one with James Tucker (Tucksauce) – the tying run – on second base. Then found themselves taking on the #1 team in the league. After jumping out to an early 11-4 lead, the Brews on 1st allowed 17 runs in the final two innings to lose the game 21-16.

Making their over .500 record short lived and falling to 4-5 on the season. 

The following week got rained out. Ultimately creating a triple header this past week against three rival teams; Blue Ballers, Crusty Sox and The Good Guys. 

Another near sellout crowd was in attendance for the Franchise’s first ever triple header.

Fans gearing up for three games
Scout from the front off of the Detroit Tigers.

First up was the Blue Ballers. With a 3-0 lead entering the top of the third, Brian Oldani (FloSho) was leading off the inning and started it with a bang. Hitting a blast to left center over the fence – the first over the fence homerun in franchise history. Creating a big buzz in the dugout the boys never looked back. With the bottom of the order having hot bats as well, including Javier Guadiana (Javs) with 2 RBI’s and Jon Cook (Lil’ Cookin’) with 3 RBI’s.

FloSho blasts a bomb.
Celebratory high five.

The middle innings gave way to a lot of great plays. Including Marcus Hill (Cat Hunter) hitting the cutoff man, FloSho, from the warning track on a dart and allowing FloSho the easy toss over to Jake Leclaire (Louie V) at third to get a man trying to stretch a double into a triple.

Tensions between these two teams boiled over in the top of the seventh when a scuffle broke out while Adrian McGuffin (AD) was running the bases and at one point was in a 1 on 7 fight. Two ejections later, the umpire called the game and it ended in a 14 -6 win for the Brews on 1st. 

Changing fields brought a new opponent, the Crusty Sox. Another heated rivalry game. In the second inning, Alex Mauri (Safari) soared high in the air to snag a liner and whipped it to Sean Clark (SC) at first to double up the runner. 

After a hot start, including Tucksauce striking out the same batter in back to back AB’s, the bats slowed way down in the middle innings – creating a big 13-3 hole. The boys did not give up however, battling back in the final inning – hitting around and putting up 7 runs.

Tucksauce dialed in pitching.

AD stood at the dish with the bases loaded and tying runner at second, Blue made a terrible strike call and rang AD up looking (the ball went significantly higher than 12 feet and was thus illegal). Anticlimactically ending the game and Brews on 1st losing 14-12.

Hoping to end the night with a winning record, Brews on 1st prepped for The Good Guys.

A big first inning game gave the Brews on 1st an emphatic 5-0 lead. Another great defensive play followed as Marcus Cook (Chef) hit FloSho (cutoff) from deep in the outfield allowing a relay throw to Dylan Patel (DP) at the plate who applied a nice tag to save a run from scoring.

Shortly after, the fatigue of their first ever triple header began to rear its ugly head. Errors began to mount on top of each other and the bats significantly cooled down. Allowing The Good Guys to get easy runs and take a 4 run lead.

The Brews on first could only muster up 7 runs in total and fell to The Good Guys by a score of 11-7. 

Bringing their overall record to 5-7. 

This was not the triple header the team was envisioning. But the boys learned from their mistakes and are looking for a bounce back week to gain momentum before heading into playoffs.

Notable Performances – 

FRANCHISE RECORD – First ever triple header

FRANCHISE RECORD – First over the fence Homerun

Safari – 4/9 6 RBI

Chef – 7/12 5 R

Lil’ Cookin’ – 5/11 5 RBI

Cook brothers prepare for two big performances.

Louie V – 7/11 5 RBI

Louie V

Javs – 6/8 2 RBI 2 R


FloSho – 6/11 2 HR 4 RBI 7 R



One thought on “Brews on 1st Lose Momentum

  1. WOW Brian, great hit over the fence home run. Looks like you have almost the best record, only 1 player with a better average. Congratulations! 🙌👏❤️


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