If You Want Me to Write About the WNBA, I’ll Write About the WNBA

Ok. Here we go.

The Women’s National Basketball Association, a league that losses $10 Million per year, now has athletes that want the league to charter private team jets for their away games.

If my company is losing $10 Million dollar per year, you’re flying economy class, boarding class D, all the way in the back by the lavatory.

I mean, what are we talking about here? I think Dave Chapelle said it best…

If the NBA and the WNBA were combined and became a 42-team, bi-gender league there would very quickly be zero women left in the league. Then you could multiply that super league by six continents world wide (no Antarctica) and make a 252-team mega league and there wouldn’t be any women make a roster.

Who’s the best female player on the planet? Let’s say it’s former MVP A’ja Wilson. How many teams would have to be created in a men’s league before she cracked a roster? Thousands?

Some people say that I’m a bit of a sports savant and ‘The Best in the World’. Humbly, I accept. And I’ve only HEARD of 13 players in the WNBA.

In alphabetical order (because it won’t take long): Bird, Cambage, Charles, Delle Donne, Diggins, Fowles, Griner, Ionescu, Parker, Plum, Stewart, Taurasi and Wilson. That’s it. The reigning MVP of the WNBA could smack me in the face an I wouldn’t know who she is.

And this isn’t some crusade against women’s athletics. I’ve worked with some badass female athletes: Annie Bova, Nicole Snyder, Claire Crutchfield, Caroline Coyer, Isa Echeverri, Hannah Scafaria to name a few. Gabby Pethokoukis, Janelle Noe, bad asses for different reasons. (Side note, Isa scared the hell outta me. Her English wasn’t great, my Spanish is worse, I didn’t always understand what she was saying, she’s Columbian and she’s one of the fiercest competitor I’ve watched. I guess that’s what makes her an Olympian)

I love women’s athletics. Women’s volleyball is one of my favorite sports to watch live. I learned to enjoy watching softball when I was getting paid to do so.

I’m just saying, let’s call a spade a spade. Pediatricians and brain surgeons don’t make equal money because they are not the same. They’re both doctors, but they’re not the same. WNBA players and NBA players don’t make equal money because they’re not the same either. They’re both basketball players, but they’re not the same.


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