Brews on 1st Eye Winning Record

Entering week 4 off possibly the best game in franchise history, Brews on 1st was eyeing a winning record for the first time since week one last year. With two teams standing in their way, The Swallows and Bad News Beers.

With a near sellout crowd, all heads were turned to a marquee matchup in the 6:20 time-slot. The Brews on 1st (2-3) were facing off against The Swallows (4-1).

Javs gearing up for the double header

After a slow start, Brews on 1st found themselves chasing 5-1 after only two innings. The defense became locked in after being spearheaded by ace pitcher, James Tucker (Tucksauce), All-Star 3rd baseman, Jacob Leclaire (Louie V), and rookie Left Fielder, Marcus Hill (Cat Hunter).

Tucksauce was creating weak contact with the changing of height, speed and spin on his pitches. With Louie V gobbling up every ball hit his general direction and setting up two separate double plays. And out in left, Cat Hunter was tracking fly balls with ease, making them look routine.

3rd Baseman Louie V and Short Stop FloSho

The bats also heated up in the third, rounding the bases five times in the inning to take a 6-5 lead. With continued good defense allowing 0 runs over the following four innings, and tacking on three more runs in the process, Brews on 1st took game one by a score of 9-7. Bring their overall record to 3-3 on the season.

Team picture prior to game two. FRONT ROW (L to R) – Phil Conrad (P), Brian Oldani (FloSho), Jon Cook (Lil Cookin) BACK ROW (L to R) – Marcus Cook (Chef), Jacob Leclaire (Louie V), Adrian Mcguffin (AD), Alex Mauri (Safari), Sean Clark (SC), James Tucker (Tucksauce), Javier Guadiana (Javs), Marcus Hill (Cat Hunter) NOT PICTURED – Dylan Patel (DP), Jacob McClune (Hillbilly)

Game two, Brews on 1st had Bad News Beers (0-5) on the clock. Jumping out to an early 4-0 lead, Brews on 1st had their sights on that 2-0 night. Tucksauce helped his own cause knocking in 2 RBI’s in game two.

After a short timeout due to a foul ball striking a patron in the head – hoping everything is okay – play was back on and the defense continued to impress. Making what seemed like play after play to keep the lead in tact. Ultimately cruising to a 16-9 win over Bad News Beers and completing the mission of getting above .500.

Overall, the team played great and vibes were high in the dugout. Brews on 1st are oozing with confidence and poised to put the league on notice. A dangerous combination for a team that seems to be putting it all together at the right time.

Next Week – Thursday May 19th, Canton Softball Center

8:45 Field 2 – Brews on 1st (4-3) v Canna Boost (3-4)

10:00 Field 3 Brews on 1st (4-3) v Plymouth Rocks (3-4)

Notable Performances –

Franchise Record – 2 Wins in one night

Franchise Record – 4 Ks in one night, Tucksauce

Tucksauce – 12.0 IP 4 Ks 7/7 4 RBI

Cat Hunter – 4/7 2 RBI 4 R

Louie V – 4 R 3 RBI 2 Double Plays Turned


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