Brews on 1st Stay Hot in the Rain

Another week in the books for the Brews on 1st. This week was a character building week with weather conditions consisting of constant rain. Taking the field in the latter part of the evening didn’t help with the two prior games ripping up the infield.

Rain covered Scoresheet

In game one, Brews on 1st took on Win or Lose we Booze. After a slow first inning, Brews on 1st found themselves with a slim 2-1 lead. But starting in the top of the 3rd, Brews on 1st showed they meant business. Popping off for 7 Runs in the 3rd with help coming in the form of an Adrian McGuffin (AD) solo shot, a 2 RBI double off the bat of Alex Mauri (Safari) and a 2 RBI double off the bat of Sean Clark (SC).

AD Solo Shot

James Tucker (Tucksauce) did his part on the bump as well. Striking out two batters and only allowing one run over five innings of work. While also inducing soft contact to our infielders, letting them go to work and flash the leather. 

The bats continued to stay hot up and down the entire lineup, driving in another 13 runs in the fourth and fifth combined to bring our total to 23 runs. Ending the game on a ball smoked to Brian Oldani (FloSho) who caught it flipped it to Safari covering 2nd base to double the runner up.

Cruising to an easy 23-1 victory, it was onto the next. Playing some good ball over their past three games, Brews on 1st was looking to keep the heater alive and sweep the evening. Brews on 1st were scheduled to take on not only their biggest rivals in the league, but possibly one of the greatest rivalries in sports – Brews on 1st v the Good Guys. 

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans in mind and the rain ended up canceling the second game of the evening. 

With this being the only scheduled game against The Good Guys all season, both teams are hoping for a reschedule sooner rather than later. 

All in all, the Brews on 1st improved to 2-3 on the season and seem to be catching a groove at just the right time. 

Next week – Thursday 6:20, The Swallows (4-1) and 7:30, Win or Booze (0-5) Canton Softball Center

Notable Performances – 

Franchise Record – 1 run allowed

Tucksauce – 5.0 IP 1 Run Allowed 2 K’s

SC – 3/4  2 RBI’s

Safari – 4/4 4 RBI’s

AD – 3/5 3 Runs 1 HR


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