IT’S DRAFT DAY (kinda): My Cleveland Browns Mock Draft Selections

Draft Day for us Browns fans used to be a national holiday. The whole family gathered around the tv, anxious to see what young man will be absolutely buried into the ground and shipped off to another team in two years. However, a dog deserves to walk on the warm side of the sidewalk every now and then and this is the year to do that.

Not having a 1st Round pick was a relief for once, because 1) Again, I don’t have to worry about what poor rookie this team is gonna ruin and 2) it gave me an extra day to really think about my picks and to write this blog.

Courtesy of the draft simulator, GM Eirons will now present the (mock) Browns Draft Class of 2022:

With the 44th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select: John Metchie III, WR, Alabama

It’s no secret that the Browns are still in the market for a new receiver to add to their already young, talented receiving core, including the recent acquisition of Amari Cooper. However, with Jarvis Landry gone, I felt Metchie was the best fit to fill Landry’s spot. At 5’11, 187 pounds, Metchie would make a perfect slot receiver with his quickness and his key ability to hit the short to medium yard routes across the middle of the field.

3rd Round, Pick 78 – Phidarian Mathis, DT, Alabama

Staying down south and originally looking to go linebacker at 78, I felt that this was a position that could be easily filled in free agency. With that I decided to go with the 6’4, 312 pound bulldozer, who was an absolute menace along side fellow D-Tackle DJ Dale, to help beef up the current Browns D-Line.

Round 3, Pick 99 – Dominque Robinson, ED, Miami (OH)

Shoutout to the #MACtion, but to be honest, I went a little rogue with this one. Should Jadeveon Clowney not re-sign, the Browns would need another suitable Edge to accompany the recently signed Chase Winovich, as well as Myles Garrett. Just went with the best available Edge at this pick.

Round 4, Pick 118 – Kellen Diesch, T, Arizona State

Similar to the previous pick, should Jack Conklin not be available this year due to his recent off-season surgery, Diesch is an absolute mountain mover at 6’7, 300 pounds that would be a good replacement for Conklin and would add to an already beefy, and stacked O-Line. I mean look at him.

Round 6, Pick 202 – Vincent Gray, CB, Michigan

I’ve never been one for “big” cornerbacks, however, this is a different case. At 6’2 and a slim 192 pounds, on top of his explosive athleticism with a 4.5 40 time (considering his size for his position), it will be his impressive 78 inch wingspan, that will give him an advantage swatting and picking off the football.

Round 7, Pick 223 – Brock Purdy, QB, Iowa State

With all the QB drama going on this off-season with Baker and Deshaun Watson, why not add some more competition to the mix. Now, the Browns did sign both veteran QBs, former Colt, Jacoby Brissett and former Steeler, Joshua Dobbs, however, both are good backup QB’s who I feel would make a great mentor to any rookie QB, however, adding Purdy would spice up the QB competition and would be able to watch and learn from both Brissett, Dobbs, and especially Watson. His lack of mobility with a 4.8 40 time, is made up for his powerful arm and ability to complete passes and move the chains, being the 6th most pass efficient passer in the FBS at a 66.4% completion percentage.

Round 7, Pick 246 – Connor Heyward, TE, Michigan State

Rounding off the Draft, is the 5’11, 233 pound tight end out of East Lansing. The little brother of Steeler’s defensive tackle Cameron Heyward, he is definitely not your average tight end you’d see out on the gridiron. Heyward is a former running back, who I feel could be a “utility knife” type player on both offense and would make a good special teams player, as well. He’s for sure no replacement to Austin Hooper at his size, however, I see the Browns using him as a slot receiver or even “H-Back” type tight end who would line up between the guard and tackle, and go out for screens or short passes.

Draft Grade

Overall, I thought I did a good job at filling positions where they were needed, with a decently balanced offensive/defensive player ratio (4 offensive to 3 defensive), all while not having to reach for any specific player. With that, gave my draft grade a solid B.

How did I do as GM? Share this post and leave your comments below!


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