Draft Day Vibes From a Team With No Picks

I’m sittin’ in my chair, I’m relaxing, I’m getting blackout drunk and you’re leaving me alone.

Oh man is it a good feeling knowing who your quarterback is for the foreseeable future (barring suspension). No stress of drafting the right guy in the first round. The only thing better is not having a first round pick at all.

Can’t miss on a first round pick if you don’t have one. Know what I’m sayin?

What do the Browns need?

Offensively: weapon, weapon, weapon, offensive line depth.

Defensively: Hall of Fame linebacker, 400lb run stuffer.

The main goal for the Browns in the first round is to Ari Gold meme Baker Mayfield by the end of the night.

I loved Baker and what he did for the team. But there’s two types of quarterbacks in the league: those you can win a Super Bowl with and those you can’t. Teams get desperate for a quarterback on draft day. Hopefully Carolina, maybe Seattle, does just that and the Browns can unload Baker with a little bit of a return.

The Browns have to royally fuck up tonight to lose on Day 1 of the draft and that’s a great feeling.


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