2022 NFL Draft – Round 1 Pick 1

The NFL Draft has many traditions. Here at LifeTakes we like to go on a blog marathon and blog every single first round pick in the draft. This will be our 3rd Annual NFL Draft Blogathon. Get ready for some takes, some typos but most importantly, up to the minute updates from LifeTakes. We will blow up your feed for the next few hours. Like share and comment below!

I don’t know the last time Michigan had a 1st overall pick, so I gave it a Google. The year was 2008 the player, Jake Long who went to 4 Pro Bowls. Prior to him, was a man named Tom Harmon aka Old 98, who was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1941. His Wikipedia page is wild definitely worth taking a look.

It looks like we will have to wait another year for a Michigan prospect to go #1 overall. As for this draft pick Travon Walker looks like it’s gonna be a good pick, time will tell. His real name is Yury Travon Walker and I would definitely go by Yury if I was 6′ 5″ 275 pounds.


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