Jalen Brunson Carries Luka-less Mavs to Split Series

World meet Jalen. Jalen meet World.

Last night was Jalen Brunson’s coming out party. Or at least it was for NBA fans.

JB led the Mavericks with a career-high 41 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and two steals. Oh yea, zero turnovers. He’s the first player to have 40+ points with zero turnovers in franchise history. And the Mavericks needed every bit of it with Luka Doncic unavailable. Now the series with the Jazz is knotted up at a game apiece as it heads to Utah on Thursday.

The dude is a problem. I think he could have been up for Most Improved Player this year and last night’s Dallas crowd thought he should get some MVP votes. Pump fake, jump stop, pump fake, pivot, pump fake, score. It might not be glamorous to everybody, but man is it effective.

He’s a high school state champion, Illinois Mr. Basketball, Mickie D’s All-American, FIBA u19 World Cup MVP, two-time national champion, Big East Player of the Year, Cousy Award winner, Naismith Player of the Year, yada, yada, etc, etc.

Brunson’s been doing this. He’s a machine. Mavs needed a win and JB led the way. Also, shoutout to Maxi Kleber. He was awesome.


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