Cool Story out of San Francisco

The San Diego Padres played the San Francisco Giants last night in a battle of National League West rivals. The Padres beat the Giants by a score of 4-2.

Getting the win for the Padres was Steven Wilson (2-0). The save went to Tyler Rogers. The loss for the Giants went to Taylor Rogers.

Oh, no wait. The save went to Taylor Rogers and the loss went to Tyler Rogers. My bad, they look the same. Genetically identical.

That’s right. Identical twins pitching in the major leagues on opposing teams. Wild.

Taylor, the older twin by 30 seconds, will make $7,300,000 this year. Tyler, the younger twin and clearly the family disappointment, will make a measly $700,000 in salary. In any case, momma ain’t gotta work no more.

I also had the Padres to win outright, nbd.


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