If You Are In This Picture You Are A Real Tough Guy


Here is a quick press release of what happen with these guys recently in our city of Carleton. TOTAL TOUGH GUYS!

Listen. These guys are idiots and it sounds like they really messed up an incident guy because he bumped him? How messed up of a life can guys have to almost murder a guy because he bumped you in downtown Carleton? Like come on guys!

Either way, whatever happen that started this whole thing, it probably didn’t need to escalate to 28 stitches to the head. These guys though, you are at a bar in CARLETON MICHIGAN. Let me repeat myself.

You guys are in CARLETON MICHIGAN in case you forgot where that is. It’s the smallest town in Michigan. (Not really the smallest but we have one Subway and one stop light and three bars!)

So if you get the idea. There are no real “tough guys” in Carleton. Bring that same energy to a random guy in Detroit, Jackson, Ypsilanti. These guys wouldn’t do it. They only want to beat up guys in places they feel tough. 8 on 1 in Carleton. Grow up guys.

Hope these guys are found. It sounds like they will be in due time. Bunch of cup cake softies. 8 on 1! Pfff get real. Take your motorcycle and get out of Carleton.

Iron Coffins??? Never heard of that! Whatever that means!

More like soft cupcakes!

Iron Coffins lol

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