Will Smith vs Chris Rock Is As Real As It Gets

Ummmmmm pretty interesting night that just came out of no where! So Will Smith seems like a crazy person. Not surprising from what we all learned about his marriage from that red chair show on Instagram from a few years ago. But getting up, walking up and smacking Chris Rock on Live TV and screaming so loud that you can see everyone get quiet and start becoming alert of the situation is something that a legit crazy person does. I think this thing is as real as it gets. I know they are the best actors in the world, but it doesn’t seem like you can fake soemthing like that. Will seemed very upset after he saw his wife was upset. And the more you think about it, the more you kind of understand why Will did it. Either way, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Maybe it was a cover up for Serena Williams’s nipple slip that happen earlier. Who knows but what a night in the Oscar world.

NSFW. Must be over 18 to look!


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