LifeTakes Stew’s Reputation Is On The Line Tonight

Hi everyone. I Haven’t blogged in a long time, but I made the payment to keep LifeTakes a float, so I’m back. If you have followed LifeTakes from the beginning, you know we do this sometimes.

Neither here nor there.

I wrote a blog after third game of the season about how Michigan would be okay Michigan Reaction Blog: ITS THE THIRD GAME OF THE SEASON.. Sure they didn’t have the season they we wanted but, 11-9 in the big ten isn’t awful.

LifeTakes Stew wrote a blog about Michigan because for some reason he thinks he knows Michigan basketball? Idk. Michigan: Overrated and Overhyped

He wrote that blog above after the same third game of the season. Fast forward to March. Michigan had a bad game vs Indiana and blew a big lead and didn’t look good. But like I said in November, they are a very young team. It takes time to build young teams.

Here comes LifeTakes Stew thinking he knows everything about Michigan sports and wrote another blog declaring he was right about Michigan. I Was Right About Michigan

As you can read the log above he really thought he nailed this take. Well here we are on March 24th and Michigan finds themselves in the Sweet 16 playing the mighty Villanova Wildcats. Really good team. Really good program.


Michigan has zero pressure. If they lose, we made it farther they we should have. And turned a mediocre season into a successful season. (I know if Stew writes a rebuttal blog, he will say that’s a loser mentality) but it is the truth. Even according to Stew two weeks ago, no one saw this coming. (Except me).

If Michigan wins. LifeTakes Stews reputation of the bad boy who calls out ALL Michigan based sports teams is dead. Because it will be very obvious that he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Don’t get mad at me, I’m just stating the facts. LifeTakes Stew is the one who put in foot in his mouth and now has to pray his Wildcats don’t choke to the “overrated and overhyped” Michigan Wolverines.

Go Blue!!

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