Red Wings, Red Storm Blow Huge Leads

I love writing about sports. Sometimes the headlines writes themselves. Sometime there is a little creativity involved.

I wanted to make fun of the Detroit Red Wings for coughing up a two-goal lead to the Minnesota Wild and I wanted to wax poetically about the Villanova Wildcats 17-point comeback win over St. John’s in the quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament.

Then it hit me like a Mayweather counter punch. RED Wings, RED Storm. I could achieve both goals in the same blog and tie it together nicely with a colorful title.

Then I started thinking about the similarities and they were amazing. St John’s and Detroit both used to be good a long ass time ago. Now, they’ve sucked for an extended period of time, they both tried to hire a prodigal son to return the franchise (or program) back to glory and they’ve both failed thus far.

The Red Wings led the Wild, 4-2, after a Lucas Raymond goal in the second period. I think we can all agree that a two-goal lead at half is a solid advantage. Not with this bum of a goalie that the Wings have in net. This dude stinks out loud and his name is a nightmare to spell or say. The Wild scored three unanswered to go up 5-4, but the Wings show life and force overtime. Shootout goes: Wings, miss. Wild, goal. Wings, miss. Wild, goal. Curtains.

While the Wings were Kevin Malone-ing their chili, Villanova faced a 17-point deficit on the road against St. John’s. Then the ‘Cats started making shots and playing defense. They went on a 18-2 run to pull within a point and won it down the stretch on a pair of free throws by Brandon Slater.

Sometimes you’re just better than your opponents. Villanova was just better than St. John’s and the Wild was just better than the Red Wings.


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