I Was Right About Michigan

Back in November, November 17th to be exact, I wrote that the Michigan Wolverines were overrated and overhyped. I wrote that Michigan kinda stinks. I wrote that anytime Hunter Dickinson plays against a decent front court he crumbles. I questioned weather Juwan Howard is a good coach or if he just played with Lebron for a few years. I called Michigan a joke and called them fraudulent.

And you know what? I was 100% right. It feels good, to be honest.

I knew on November 17th. It’s taken everybody else a lot longer to realize it. I even threw Michigan a bone and said they would win 1-2 games in the tournament. This team might not even make the fuckin’ tournament.

Oh, Hunter Dickinson, 15 and 5 on 12 shots and an L. He counterpart Trayce Jackson-Davis, 24 and 8 on 17 shots and a W.

And Juwan Howard suspended for the last five games going into the conference tournament. That’s gotta be great for team chemistry, right? Michigan led 60-43 with under 13:00 left and lost by five. They blew a 17-point lead, lol. That’s on the coach.

Imagine watching the selection show not knowing if your team was going to get in or not. Couldn’t be me.


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