Two Cardinals

It has been said when a Cardinal appears it is a sign a passed loved one is visiting us. Obviously, whether or not this is true will not be confirmed this side of eternity.  Nevertheless, the sight of those beautiful birds evokes a feeling of love to those we have lost.

On March 3rd, as I went on my balcony to have my morning stretch I saw two Cardinals playing in the trees outside my apartment. The 5th and 6th of March can be a time of mourning for those of us that attended Airport High School – seeing those birds playing reminded me of two classmates that were lost during those years of walking the halls. It allowed time to reflect on those days following their departure, the life that has been lived since and I was able to follow that time with a prayer for the family and close friends of those special girls that graced us with their presence.

This life is fleeting, our years on earth are but a vapor (James 4:14). I hope you reading this have a great weekend and love those that are near.


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