No Vax? No Problem! Aaron Rodgers Wins 4th MVP

They came after him on the off-season about where he’s gonna end up. They came after him, because he wasn’t vaxed. They even tried coming after his big toe to try and bring him down, but you simply cannot stop greatness.

No matter how the media will portray him, Aaron Rodgers proves yet again why he simply is the best and this season (among many great ones in the past) had shown just that. This one a little more special than most.

All season long the media in both sports and in the political realm tried to paint Rodgers as this years “Bad Guy”. They scolded him because he made a personal choose to be immunized, rather than vaxed. When that didn’t work, they came after his big toe when it swelled up and they blamed COVID. That didn’t work. They tried many things to try and simply this man would not let the noise get to him. With that, made me love him even more.

Other than him being on my fantasy team for the second year in a row, my fandom for Rodgers has grown more and more each year. The dude is simply a winner. If you would’ve told me he would’ve been the MVP after the Week 1 blowout, loss to the Saints, I’d say you’re crazy. But a lot of people are crazy and Rodgers just shut up and went to work.

With a 111.9 passer rating, Rodgers finished the season with 4,115 yards, 37 touchdowns, and (I can’t emphasize this enough) only 4, yes, 4 interceptions. Rodgers is just a God amongst men, when it comes to the regular season.

“It’s been an amazing 17 years. So thankful for the memories and the moments over the years,” Rodgers was quoted. Winning back to back MVPs, being one short of tying Peyton Manning’s 5, it’s uncertain if we’ll get to see him play ago, or this was his final hoorah. Either way, appreciate greatness should you have it.


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