Caleb Williams is Going to USC, via LifeTakesBlog on January 8

Some nobody named Pete Thamel claimed he had an ESPN exclusive that free agent quarterback Caleb Williams was gong to transfer to USC.

Uhhh, yea dude, we fucking know. @LifeTakesBlog broke that story three and a half weeks ago.

I tried to give it to the likes of Brandon F. Walker, Kayce Smith and JackMac of the Pirate Ship, but none of them ran with it. Their loss, I guess.

I mean, I feel like Adam Schefter right now! I was correct and I was first. It’s not my fault everybody else was late to the party. I’ll be spending my afternoon demanding credit be given to LifeTakes and I ask you, the fans, to do the same.

Also, this graphic is fucking fire.


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