Happy Hue Jackson Day To All

Today is Hue Jackson day in Northeast Ohio. Today, 1-31, is a day to celebrate the fact that Hue Jackson is no longer in the lives of Browns fans.

Hue Jackson, that bitch, went 1-31 as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns from 2016-2017. I don’t know how he got the job in the first place. Just incredibly incompetent as a coach.

During his reign of terror, DeShone Kizer (0-15) became statistically the worst NFL quarterback of all time. Tough to do, but they did it.

After he got fired, 40 games too late, this ass hat went on every shitty ESPN show and dumped on the Browns and the organization and swore up and down that it wasn’t his fault. Then this bum got a job with a division rival as Marvin Lewis’ towel boy.

My favorite highlight of the Hue Jackson era was when Greg Joseph kicked a game-winning field goal in overtime to beat the Ravens, 12-9, in 2018. Hue Jackson held up two fingers to remind his team that there was 0:02 left on the clock. Dumb fuck. The game is over. Dude couldn’t even win without embarrassing himself. Just an absolute bozo.

My favorite post-Jackson Era highlight was Damarious Randall picking off Andy Dalton and handing the ball back to Jackson on the sidelines.

My second favorite post-Jackson Era highlight was Baker Mayfield clowning the dude as the Browns beat the Bengals and Jackson for the season sweep. It’s a tough look to talk shit about a team and get humiliated like he did.

Anyways, don’t complain about Kevin Stefanski when we’ve been through Hue Jackson.

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