Happy Birthday to the Cleveland Cavaliers

The fifth seed and playoff bound Cleveland Cavaliers did something today that has never been done in NBA history.

Today, January 26, the Cleveland Cavaliers have three birthdays on their roster.

Rookie guard Kevin Pangos turns 29.

All-star guard Darius Garland turns 22.

Second-year forward Isaac Okoro turns 21.

That’s fucking crazy. Not the three birthday thing, but that fact that Kevin Pangos is a 29-year old rookie.

And I’m not sure if this is the first time three birthdays on the same roster has happened. But there is a 1 in 617 (0.16%) chance that an active roster of 12 players have three players share a birthday.

Who else was born on this date? Villanova center Eric Dixon. Dixon to the Cavs, sharpie.

This nothing more than a silly coincidence, but Cavs +4.5 has to be the play, right?


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