Happy Birthday to the Messiah Himself

Every year in late December we celebrate the birthday of a deity, a supreme being and a savior.

That’s wright, Villanova head coach Jay Wright turns 60 years old today.

Oh, you thought I was talking about Jesus? Reading it back to myself, I see how that could be confusing. But has JC won five conference crowns and two national championships in the last six years? Nah.

To be fair to the Catholics, nobody has won five conference titles and two chips in the last six years. Not Cal, not Boeheim, not Bill Self, neither Hurley brother, neither Miller brother, neither Pitino, and definitely not that bum Krzyzewski.

Throw in a couple of Coach of the Year awards, a Coach of the Decade nod, an Olympic gold medal and a Hall of Fame induction and you have a pretty solid career. Ol’ Jay did all of that within a dozen years.

Dude looks decent for 60.

Shoutout to PA announcer Jim Bachman, a legend in his own right.
By rule, if your last name is Arcidiacono you must go to Villanova.

And he’s not going to coach the Knicks or the 76ers. Just stop. He’ll still be the ‘Cats head coach on this date in 40 years when he turns 100. He’ll have, conservatively, 8-10 more national championships under his belt and maybe a few more grey hairs, but he’s not going anywhere.

After they blow out Temple on Wednesday, Villanova travels to New Jersey to take on that bald-headed bozo Kevin Willard and Seton Hall in a huge conference contest early in the season. Should be a good one.


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