There’s Always Next Year…

Welp, that’s the end of the season for your Cleveland Browns.

The Raiders’ Daniel Carlson nailed a 48-yard field goal, not once but twice, in the swirling winds of Northeast Ohio and subsequently drove a knife through my chest and the chests of Browns fans across the globe.

In years past being a Browns fans was easy. You knew the team was going to suck and they met expectations by sucking. It was like being a Lions fan.

Now there’s hope for the Browns. Hope that the team may win enough games to get into the playoffs. Hope that the team will beat a division rival in the playoffs. Hope that the defense can stop a Mahomesless Chiefs’ offense on fourth down. Hope that Nick Mullens could pull his own version of the Ryan Merritt game and beat the Raiders. The hope is what really makes it hurt.

And it hurts the most because we didn’t have the same team on the field that we put all of that hope into in the first place. No Baker. No Stefanski. No Juice. No Kareem. No Clowney, Hill, Harrison, Delpit, Hooper, Conklin, Wills, Newsome. Fuck.

There’s a chance that Cleveland can still make the postseason. We’ll likely have to win the remaining three games on the schedule, including at Lambeau on Dec. 25. With Aaron Rodgers playing in God mode, things don’t look promising.

See you on Saturday, when I will undoubtedly get my hopes up and be crushed in the end.

P.S. You have to throw on third down to try to put the game away. Not only would I have thrown on third down, I would have thrown on fourth down too.

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