Don’t Look Now, The Cavs Might Be Good

If the NBA Playoff started today, the Cleveland Cavaliers would have home court advantage in the first round.

That’s a wild sentence to type out after averaging 20 wins over the last three seasons, but it’s true. The Cavaliers (17-12) have won eight of their last 10 games, all by double digits, and sit alone in the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference.

That little Boston, Brooklyn, Golden State, Brooklyn, Phoenix stretch was tough, but we’re passed that. This team is young, dumb and full of talent. They run fast, jump high, block shots and throw lobs. It’s awesome. And as soon as they fire Austin Carr, I’ll start watching.

Darius Garland is a good player. Jarrett Allen runs funny, but he should be an all-star this year. He’s one of five guys in the league averaging 17 and 11 (Jokic, Giannis, Valanciunas, Sabonis). Lauri Markkanen is a 7-foot small forward. Evan Mobley is your 2022 Rookie of the Year. Ricky Rubio is playing like he’s still on the Spanish National Team. Kevin Love got his chicken and his mentals in order and he’s getting 12 and 7 coming off the bench. Cedi Osman has turned into a really good 3-and-D wing. I just learned that Kevin Pangos is on the team. That’s fuckin’ cool.

All I’m saying is the Cavs are one Collin Sexton trade away from being a team to talk about in the spring. Trade that bum to anybody that will take him. And fire Austin Carr so I can watch the games without having to put it on mute.


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