Watch ‘The Chosen’ This Christmas Season.

If you’d have asked me when we started Lifetakes if I’d be writing a blog about a Christian Crowdfunded Television Series, I’d say “probably not”. But life is funny that way.

I grew up going to St. Pats for catechism and mostly on Easter and Christmas sometimes I’d go on a Saturday afternoon with my grandma. I was confirmed in 8th grade and then high school happened and college, and if you knew me then, you’d know I didn’t really practice my faith during those years. I’d pray occasionally and attend services on Easter and Christmas, you know the big ones, but that was the extent of me practicing my faith. Since then, a lot has changed. (If you’d like to hear my testimony feel free to reach out, I’d love to have a one on one with anyone, let’s grab a coffee).

Then in 2019, my buddy and a fellow Lifetakes blogger shared ‘The Porch’ podcast on his IG story. That’s when the baby steps began to return to my heavenly father and savior. I’d listen to the podcast on a weekly basis and eventually, 2020 came and COVID hit. The sermon I listened to during the “Shelter in Place” challenged us to read The Good Book, and being quarantined I decided to take the challenge. I started with a chapter or two from the Gospel of John a day. A blog is coming soon regarding this, keep your eyes out for it.

Anyhow, after a few months of reading and listening to The Porch I decided to join a life group. A friend and former co-worker told me about Cedar Creek Church down in Perrysburg, Ohio. I joined a group and quickly found a home at this life-giving church.

Then, one of my new friends from the group told me about this show, ‘The Chosen’. The first multi-season show about the life of Jesus Christ.

This show changed the way I read The Bible and put the story of Jesus in a historic perspective I did not have prior to. The show is completely free to watch thanks to being crowd-funded (*the largest crowd-funded media project in history*). It tells the story of Christ through the eyes of those who knew him. Jesus Christ is not someone that’s easily relatable, he’s the perfect Son of God. But, you know who is relatable? His imperfect human disciples. (I’ve listened to many an interview with the director who uses that line and it really stuck with me, so shout out Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen Devotionals you can check them out here). This show uses fantastic dialogue and storytelling to make the viewer laugh, cry, and learn about the Gospel, The Good News, The Greatest Story Ever Told. I highly recommend this show to anyone. Whether you are just looking for something to binge, or you’re a follower of Christ, or even someone who doesn’t have faith. The quality of the show makes it watchable for anyone. From Bible expert to Atheist – Binge Jesus.

I couldn’t think of a better show to watch with the family as we are in the Christmas season – you can watch on ‘TheChosen’ app (they have cool technology that allows you to throw it on your television from your phone), the website ( – also their special ‘Christmas with The Chosen’ is currently in theatres this December, copy and paste the link for more info ( – They just released Season 2 this past summer and currently working on Season 3. Below are trailers for each season and the Christmas special for your convenience.

Season One Trailer (2 Minute Trailer)

Season One Trailer (Full Length 3-Minute)

Season Two Trailer (Full Length 3-Minute)

Christmas With The Chosen (1-Minute Trailer)

Much Love & Merry Christmas,


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