Everyone Thinks Michigan Is Going Roll Iowa And It SCARES Me!


And I mean everyone thinks Michigan is going to boat race Iowa this weekend and it absolutely scares me.

Listen. When everyone and their mother thinks they know what is going to happen. It usually goes opposite. That’s why the win over Ohio State felt so magical. Because everyone and their mother KNEW Michigan was going to lose. So they thought.

One week later EVERYONE thinks they know that Michigan is going to steam roll Iowa. The majority of people are usually wrong. I really hate to be that guy. Trust me, I do. I had to go through school when Michigan football was at rock bottom.

2008- 3-9

2009- 5-7

2010- 7-6

Michigans record the first three years of high school for me. You’re hatred for Ohio State and Michigan State starts in high school so you can talk the most shit to your buddies. I had to argue for Michigan through those seasons. AWFUL!

I might be the only person in the country saying to pump the breaks on Michigan boat racing Iowa. I’m doing it for Michigan and all the fans. WE CANT THINK WERE GOING TO BOAT RACE IOWA. We can’t think that.

Focus and lock back in, boys!

Go Blue!


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