Footballers at Long Last Beat the Buckeyes

I spent all season trying to avoid buying into the Michigan Football hype that seems to exist every season only to have all our hearts ripped out by OSU, like clockwork.

I will admit, I was second row at the 62-39 beat down at the Horseshoe in 2018. This was the straw that broke the camel’s (my) back (faith). I spent the next 2+ years trying hard to stay away from the preseason hype we receive year in and year out.

Great seats to watch an awful game

Exactly why I was trying my damndest to stay away, especially following an abysmal 2-4 season. We had piss poor quarterback play (although he didn’t play last year, I am talking about Shae – oh my goodness I absolutely cannot stand that guy), Jim Harbaugh seemed to be a defeated man and he chickened out of The Game last year to keep his pristine 0-5 record against OSU intact.

I was successful in not buying into the hype. Including a ML bet on MSU (I know, I bet against my home team, but when I bet on my teams they seem to lose anyway) 10 minutes before kick off that paid handsomely. But once we arrived at week 13, 10-1, all that went by the wayside. Throwing caution to the wind and bought in as the hype grew around this week. Knowing the game would most likely be a let down, I felt like Michael Scott.

Ready to be hurt again

While watching the game we easily looked like the better team and the energy surrounding the benches seemed flipped from previous years. Michigan had high energy and fun on the bench while OSU looked defeated the entire game.

And now I am here to say I was wrong. This Michigan team is absolutely different and proved it Saturday. The crowd was electric, maybe the most electric Michigan Stadium has been in the past 20 years (even though it looked like only the student section got the maize out memo.)

Impactful noise showing results

I received this quote from a good friend and big Michigan fan, Matt Barno; “This game was truly magical. The energy throughout the stadium was on full attack from the opening kick to 30 minutes post game, helping the players feed off it. This win is program changing and something special is on the horizon.”

Michigan fan celebrates while sitting on OSU bench

To all the Michigan Players, Coaches, thank you for winning. I know it means more to you than us fans, but thank you, from all of us.

Thank you Michigan Football for giving us this kind of joy.

Now we look forward to the future. I don’t want to speculate too much as I am writing this while still riding the high from Saturday. But we should be able to beat Iowa on Saturday and walk into the College Football Playoffs with a chance to win a National Championship. 

P.S. – Should the Lions trade back from 1 to 3-4, gain draft capital and take Hutchinson instead of Thibodeaux? Food for thought.

Aidan Hutchinson in beast mode

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