Michigan 73 – Villanova 46

The last time Michigan played Villanova in basketball was in the 2018-2019 season andddddddddd Michigan took Villanova to the wood shredder. Just a friendly reminder about what can happen in the third game of the season. Villanova went on to win the Big East that season.

Yes I’m aware Villanova beat Michigan the year before in the National Champioship. Don’t live in the past though.

Life is about what have you don’t for me lately? The last game the two schools played, wood shredder. It is what it is.

Does Villanova even play other sports? Are they even considered a D1 school?

How do we know Jay Wright doesn’t cheat?

Pretty weird he can win so many games at such a small school?

Just questions that I’m hearing people talk about.


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