As the title reads. It’s the third game of the season. It will be fine.

People forget that in college basketball, you do lose. It’s not college football where every game matters. You can drop 4-7 games and still be a 1 seed.

Livers, Wagner and Mike Smith all left from last seasons team and we have three new starters trying to figure it out. Michigan has young freshmen getting minutes in situations they have never experienced before. A new point guard ( who I’m not the biggest fan of. Little shaky, but he can rebound the ball.) that Juwan will start guiding in the right direction. Two true freshmen getting huge minutes.

Give Seton Hall credit. They have some really big centers who are strong. They played great defense and made Michigan look really bad for the first time in a long time. They started 4 seniors and anyone who knows College Basketball knows the older you are, the better you are.

Villanova is the best at that.

Nonetheless, Michigan is going to be fine. The Big Ten looks to be a little down this year from past seasons and we have the best big man in college basketball still. Eli Brooks who is old AF! And all the young freshmen who will get better every single day.

I’m not worrried. So you shouldn’t be worried. No one knows the pulse of Michigan Basketball better than I do.


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