Happy MAC Football Day Sluts

When I run for president in the year 2032, my platform will including the following national holidays: Monday after the Super Bowl, Thursday and Friday of the Masters, Thursday and Friday of March Madness and the first Tuesday in November as MAC Football Day.

I think midweek MACtion is right up there with the greatest inventions of mankind. Fire, the wheel, the internet and Ball State at Akron at 7:00pm on a school night. Shit-for-brain coaches with a bunch of athletes that are still hungover from Halloween.

And it’s absolute chaos. You can get one of Big Cat’s “college football plays” at any moment. Don’t even think about cashing a bet until the scoreboard reads 0:00.

The beauty of midweek MACtion is that it’s the only show in town. There’s no Georgias, Ohio States or Oklahomas playing on Tuesday. You’re going to watch Northern Illinois at Kent State and Directional Michigan at Directional Michigan and you’re going to fucking love it!

With that said; Akron +20, Eastern Michigan +9, Ohio +7.5, WMU -10.5, Kent State -3.5, Over, Over, Over, Over, Over.

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