To Catch A Predator Comes To Carleton

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably seen the new YouTube video focusing on catching a pedophile in our super small town of Carleton. He was the owner of the ever changing Dairy Queen on Monroe St. I swear to god that Ice Cream shop is up for sale every single year. Since I’ve been 10 years old, it’s been for sale every winter and nothing ever changes about it. Same look year in and year out. Same two picnic tables in the front of the store.

Well the guy who owns the store is a straight up pedophile. Watching the YouTube video and looking through all the text messages was just disgusting and cringy. I can’t even type out his text on here because its so weird. JUST MIND BLOWING THIS CAN HAPPEN IN CARLETON. When he was asking if he had any children he said no. So the dude has zero idea what it would be like if his kid was getting hit on by a 72 year old! A 72 year old!

Well the video has some all time moments: First, credit to the old couple who probably could hear everything going on while they were waiting in line. They just wanted a vanilla cone and twist and got bombarded with cameras and a man in a suite talking to the owner of the diary mart. They wanted Ice Cream. Just pure ice creamnist.


Skeeter Jean did a incredible job on finding this creep and taking him down. BUT.. you should have known there was a but coming. BUT the way Skeeter Jean was strutting across Monroe st, looking around saying “interesting neighborhood” his camera guy says “quiet” skeeter says “to quiet!”.

Anyone with a brain knows he’s taking a shot at our city. He’s looking around thinking our city is a dump, Rundown, trashy and so on. I know for a fact that’s what he was thinking. Skeeter I appreciate what you did to get Bill exposed, but this city has more heart than most cities combined. You can’t just show up in Carleton for the first time and say “interesting neighborhood”.

Hopefully you can get Bill to jail for what he did, but you can’t make fun of Carleton. If anything we make fun of you. The last part of the video was straight up stolen from Chris Hanson.

Carleton appreciates you skeeter.

P.S if you’re reading this thinking about vandalizing the ice cream shot, don’t do it. The police will take care of this. If you vandalize the store, it really makes Carleton look trashy. And you know for a fact Bill will not be cleaning whatever mess is left. So some innocent people will probable paint the store and fix any further damages.

Fuck you, Bill.


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