Taylor North Little League Wins Little League Title……. With An Asterik Though

Taylor Little League did the unthinkable. They went to Williamsport. Just for a team from Michigan to make it there is incredible. They looked like one of the better teams in the tournament from the get go and they finished the job and won the whole tournament.

Couple things though…

This wasn’t a real little league World Series. Coming from someone who attended the Little League World Series from 2004-2008, I know when there is an asterisk. And this LLWS has a big one.

First of all Michigan beat Ohio in the Little League World Series Championship. Michigan also beat Ohio in the Great Lakes Regional championship about 2 and half weeks ago. In a normal season, Ohio is not in the title game. They are back in school right now. So that’s one thing that makes it a questionable title. Second, which I think is the most obvious issue is that we had ZERO international teams. Everyone knows baseball is an international sport. Japan, Chinese Taipei, Curraco are just some international powerhouses that come to mind. Makes you think, could Taylor get past them? Maybe. But we will never know and that’s not a normal LLWS. THIRD, we kind of went over it already but, each region usually has one team make it to the World Series and then 8 international teams to make it 16 total teams. This year they had the top two teams make it from each region, hence Ohio making it. So, 8 real bad teams made it to Williamsporthat in a normal year, Taylor wouldnt have played them. FOURTH issue were the jerseys. These jerseys were SO BAD. Each hat and jersey went off of color. The front of the jersey said “Little League”. What? Just “little league” the LLWS I know had a jersey for each team and broke them down by what part of the country they were from. FIFTH issue is how the tournament was set up. This was a double elimination tournament. Normally that means if you lose twice, you’re out. So Michigan losses to Hawaii, who were very good. Then Michigan mercies Texas and get a rematch with Hawaii. Michigan beats them. Hawaii has to go home because it was there first loss becasue it was in the semi finals. Michigan and Hawaii were 1-1 vs each other and was the obvious the best two teams and they don’t get a rubber match to redeem themselves. Just insane. SIXTH is no fans. Fans play a huge roll. ****

Either way good for Taylor Little League even though there whole team is from everywhere but Taylor. I saw kids from Woodhaven, Brownstown, New Boston, Trenton. Idk if the days are over when you just play on a team with all your boys from school and not just find the best players in the area. My 12 and under team was exactly same team that played on my high school varsity team. Idk just seems like a better time that way.

2021 LLWS Champs: Taylor Little League ***

***- Covid 19 year.


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