Wedding of the Century?

Could it be the wedding of the century? There’s still 79 years left for that, so I’ll pace myself and hold off calling it that. What it was though; beautiful, delicious, entertaining and friendly.

Of course, I’m talking about the Oldani-Rafferty throw down from this past weekend. Two legendary families got together for a magical night at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards somewhere in the blueridge mountains. We welcomed a brand new marriage into this world, between Michelle Oldani and Brogan Rafferty.

Mr. And Mrs. Michelle and Brogan Rafferty

For a little over a year I had seen pictures from Pippin Hill- it was gorgeous. But pictures didn’t do it justice. When I got off the bus and saw the view in person, holy wow. Right away, servers were greeting us with champagne flutes to enjoy while waiting.

Champagne waiting for us.

The ceremony was beautiful. Although it was a little difficult to follow along considering the view right behind them. The groomsmen were dressed in ‘True Blue’ and the bridesmaids were in ‘Blush’ dresses. With one of the Bridesmaids; Julia Larkin, performed an original song she dedicated to Michelle and Brogan.

The wedding party

The three speeches were sincere and from the heart. The Best Man (Liam Rafferty), Maid of Honor (Colleen Durkin) and Matron of Honor (Katie Nagler) all nailed it. Both the Mother-Son dance and Father-Dughter dance kicked off the dance floor for an epic night of sweat filled dancing.

After wrapping up the reception the bride and groom walked through a tunnel guests serenading them with sparklers.

A little dark, but the tunnel of sparklers.

Post wedding the wedding party, and me of course, went out to a local bar in Charlottesville to keep the night going. Topped off with a Peeing in the street moment, dancing on top of a bar, and me getting lost on UVA’s campus for 2 hours before meandering back into the hotel at 4:30 am.

Bar top dancing.

Overall, I still can’t claim it was the wedding of the century. But wedding of the Decade? Quite possibly.


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