Unemployment Expected To Go Down, As OnlyFans To Remove Sexual Content From Platform

Would you rather be cancelled or sell out? This seems to be the only “rock and a hard place” type questions facing our pop culture society now a days. I can either not now to the mob and be cancelled, or I can sell out, to give in to the mob and keep my platform alive and keep everyone happy. Though as sad as it seems we’ve hit this point, this cancel culture doesn’t come from the “woke” mob we usually see. It’s coming from big business.

Starting October, an exponential increase in job applications will be sent out, as it was announced that the notorious, adult-platform OnlyFans will be partially banning sexual and “nude” based content. This comes in lure of its investors wanting the platform to be more “mainstream” and “ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform”.

So what does this mean for it’s over 2 million “creators” who’ve earned a combined $5 billion? They might actually have to get…ʳᵉᵃˡ ʲᵒᵇˢ.

I’m in no way hating on the people who use it to expose themselves to make a quick buck, it’s a free country do whatever you want, I’m more so surprised the investors of the the British-based site didn’t see this coming from the beginning of what their site would eventually end up being.

I mean they are literally removing their sole source of income to what? Become more PC? If you wanna be like YouTube and be a content platform that’s one thing. But when you make your website a PPV subscription site, the people aren’t gonna pay to see Chad or Becky vlog about DIY projects. Sex is a billion dollar industry and it sells. I guess from a business perspective, it’s a little odd.

To conclude, I’ve always found it hilarious on why would you pay some stranger $30 a month to virtually see someone expose themselves, when there are literally thousands of free websites that provide the same content. I guess pervs will pay anything for hope. Just like going to a strip club or casino, they don’t love you, they just want your money.

Be careful out there on the inter webs.


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