I Wish It Were 2016 Again

Full disclosure, I’m writing this at 12:45am on Friday night. I’ve had a few drinks. I’ve been more sober.

I’ve filled my cooler with a few beers, so I don’t have to leave the couch. Drinking problem or intellectual genius? You decide. But drunk or sober, I wish it were 2016 again.

I think I peaked in 2016. Definitely the best year of my life. I mean, think about it…

In April, my Villanova Wildcats won the national championship on the greatest shot in college basketball history…

In June, my Cleveland Cavaliers put a 52-year curse on the city to bed by beating a 73-win team in the greatest NBA series of all time…

In August, I watched the final Olympic Games for both the greatest swimming of all time, Michael Phelps, and the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt. The United States also dicked down the rest of the world and won almost twice as many medals as the second closest country.

And in November, my Cleveland Indians, still named the Indians at that time, played in the the greatest World Series of all time…

And Corona was just a delicious beer.

Now its 2021 and the Cavs suck, the Olympics suck and the Indians aren’t the Indians.

Elon has to get to work on that time machine. Like a basic white girl after vacation, Take Me Back.


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