Trista Krick Blatantly Cheated and Should be Banned for Life

Not a typo in the title. I make sure I spell names correctly for people that I respect. I don’t respect Trista Krick. This hollow headed clown though she could cheat for eight round in her Dozen debut and not get caught? What an idiot she is. What a dick move. I’m confident that the Players Association will do the right thing and ban her for life. On the left we have Kirk, Pat and the cheating ass herself for Team Minihane. On the right we have Smitty, Smokes and Glenny B for Uptown Balls.

Rd 1: First off, before we get to that cheating scum Trista, hilarious answer here by Pat. Russian gymnastics for a guy named Bryan. I thought this was a rather easy question, to be honest. They call the Olympic decathlon gold medalist the best athlete on the planet and that crown went to American Bryan Clay. You know who else was the best athlete on the planet? Bruce Jenner. RIP in peace. Trista had this one right but switched it and I don’t think she was cheating at this point. Uptown Balls takes the point by using the original answer of decathlon. Uptown Balls takes a 1-in-4 guess with backstroke on the next question to go up 2-0 early.

Rd 2: Uptown Balls and their name sake are awesome at celebrity mashups. Glenny gets an assist from his teammates on both questions to take a commanding 4-0 lead after just two categories. Desperation is starting to set in for Team Minihane and it wouldn’t be long until they started to pull out all the stops.

Rd 3: Aaaaaaand this is where Trista starts cheating incessantly. Trista says Falcons, but Kirk goes with the Browns. Uptown Balls steals the point with Atlanta. Glenny’s Long Island connection with Devon Cajuste lands another point for Uptown Balls and the route is on, 6-0. Anybody remember Cajuste and his weird ass crystals?

Rd 4: Can’t cheat on a music category huh? She had no idea on either song. She wouldn’t have had a clue on any question the rest of the match because she has dumb-dumb brains. Uptown Balls steals the first point, All-American Reject, to push the lead to 7-0.

Rd 5: This is where I caught onto the shenanigans going on in this contest from the worst contestant ever Trista Krick. Can’t cheat on two of the four categories and she might have gotten lucky on some others. I was tricked until round five. Kirk says Tractor Traylor immediately because is knowledgeable about things and stuff. Trista takes her time to look up the answer and slips up for one split second. She says “It is!” and then quickly changes to “I think you’re right.” Same thing with Steve Francis on the next question. Gotcha bitch. She confirmed Kirk’s answer because she already knew it was correct. She changed from questionative statements to definitive statements. The score was 7-2, but points don’t matter at this point. It’s a damn sham, but I continued to play it out.

Rd 6 Niche: Minihane gets his Springsteen question correct because that’s what he does. Two points for Shackled and Drawn. Tommy Smokes stumbled and bumbled through Africa on his niche question. Somalia is as far EAST as you can go bub. Not keeping points.

BONUS: Oh this was bad. Laugh out loud funny how bad she was cheating. Cheating worse than the Astros. You can see her reading line-by-line and pulling answers from nowhere. Tik Tok, Snapchat, Amazon and Zoom to go four in a row.

Rd 7: Chuba Hubbard put it over the top. Didn’t know how to pronounce his name and I’m confident she’s never heard of Chuba Hubbard in her life. I’m absolutely POSITIVE she’s never heard of John Foster Dulles. More on that later.

Rd 8: Kirk played a great game and should get credit for doing so. Good pull here from TSmokes with Zodiac to keep it interesting while playing against a stacked deck.

Rd 9: As United States Secretary of State from 1953 to 1959, what man pioneered the strategies of massive retaliation and brinkmanship? HAHAHAHA GIVE HER THE OSCAR RIGHT NOW!!! She doesn’t know a lick of trivia, she has a podcast that nobody listens to and she can’t act to save her life! I can just see KB losing his shit in the studio at HQ3 while watching this take place live. They knew she was cheating when it happened live. It was that obvious.

Rd 10: Team Minihane calls Carrabis for their MLB question but they should have just listened to Trista. She had the power of the internet behind her answers. And it was no surprise that she suggested to call Jared the moment that Jeff DeLowe made her keep her hands in clear view. But then the call goes out, she lowers her hands again and looks up the answer to confirm Carrabis’ answer. Good for Uptown Balls to make this a game right down to the end. Fausto Carmona, aka Roberto Hernandez, for the good guys to keep it tied late in the match. Also, Fausto Carmona was way better than Roberto Hernandez. Once people found out his real name he kinda sucked.

Rd 11: Hands on the screen and Trista gets it wrong again. I mean, she didn’t get a single question correct that isn’t insanely suspicious.

Rd 12: The Mole? Fuck off Trista.

We’ll see what happens to this cheater. I think they will ban her for life and I think they should. Nobody will really miss her to be honest. This was the only content of hers that I have consumed because I find her neither entertaining nor informational. It was a good run TK. You made it one episode.

Personally, Jeff DeLowe threw me a bone in this match. Four questions with ties to Ohio made for an fairly easy eight points (Decathlon, Browns, Robert Traylor, Mauritania, Chuba Hubbard, JK Dobbins, Fausto Carmona), including Tommy’s niche category question.


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