Simone Biles Disappoints Teammates, Country on World’s Biggest Stage

Nobody else will say it, so I guess I will. I mean, there’s no other way to put it.

Simone Biles let down her teammates and the country on the World’s biggest stage.

I can’t believe that everybody is giving her a pass for this morning. If your the best in the world and claim to be the greatest of all time, you can’t bow out after one event and lose to the Russians. Can’t do it.

They’re claiming she’s hurt, but somebody let slip that it is a mental issue. I think she cracked. Boiling water in her veins. Even if she is hurt, gotta push through it for your teammates, no? Or at least release your injury so we know how bad it is.

Can you imagine if Lebron played Game 1 of the NBA Finals and then sat out the rest of the series? He’d be crucified. Burned at the stake. Why not the same reaction for another so-called GOAT. I like my GOATs to be winners. Michael Phelps goes for eight gold medals in Beijing. Michael Phelps wins eight gold medals in Beijing. GOAT shit.

Personally, I have her fourth. She’s on the Mount Rushmore, but she’s Teddy Roosevelt tucked back in the corner.

Now, she has a chance to redeem herself. The women’s all-around is on Thursday. I hope she wipes the floor with the Russians and the Chinese. She should, right? Because she’s the GOAT?


One thought on “Simone Biles Disappoints Teammates, Country on World’s Biggest Stage

  1. I stayed up to the wee hours to watch and cheer on the USA Team. Very disappointed in Simone Biles and the decision for her to sit out after her error on the vault. We all understand that what she does can lead to injury. She clearly let *something* get to her. But at the time she has been incredibly active and vocal in interviews and on social media. She’s put down the USA Gymnastics for their huge fault of not protecting those gymnasts. Understandable. She has been vocal about her need and her responsibility as a great athlete to be a spokesperson for various causes. Also understandable. BUT when she pulls out of the team competition on the world stage as she did – that is not leadership, that is not heroism. That is not something any of us should want emulated by future team members. One does not get to be on an Olympic team nor a “GOAT” athlete by backing out at adversity. Kerri Strug demonstrated that to the world. Simone Biles fanned the flames of her own greatness with all her media appearances and condemnations and criticisms yet could not find courage nor strength to support her TEAM, her country. I agree with you wholeheartedly. She disappointed her team, she disappointed the USofA. I personally would like to see her disqualified from entering the Individual performances as well. If you can’t be a team player at the Olympic Level you don’t deserve any medal or reward or individual attention.


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