Indian’s Release Name Change; Now the Cleveland Guardians

The woke mob has finally breached the gates and the time has finally come. It was announced this morning, that the team released their new name, the Cleveland Guardians, as the team (like many others) was facing backlash from the rising cancel culture.

Though they are no guardians of the galaxy, the name comes as a representation of the guardian statues on the Hope Memorial Bridge, that watches over the city.

After a brief time digesting the new brand, the logos aren’t that terrible, but are extremely basic. However, all I can say is at least they gave the team a name, unlike the Washington Football Team, who I was in big fear the team was gonna copy off of.

Personally, I’d bring back the Spiders, especially after seeing some concept uniform designs, but I guess that’s why I work a 9-5 and not in the front office.

In the words of Elton John, “I guess that’s why they call it the blues”.

Long live the Indians, long live Jacob Fields.

What are your thoughts about the change? Leave a comment!


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