I’m An Indians Fan

I remember going to my first INDIANS game. I remember feeling like VIP because we had a parking pass and tickets to the Terrace Club in left field. I remember seeing my favorite players on the promotional banners outside on the concourse.

I remember seeing the field for the first time; greener grass than I had even seen before. I remember being pumped about our seat locations; fourth row beside the INDIANS on deck circle. They were company tickets. We didn’t have that kinda pocket change. I remember hearing the “Hey Beer Guy” call for the first time and crushing the shells off of overpriced peanuts. I remember clapping along with John “Boom Boom” Adams as the INDIANS started a late-inning rally.

I didn’t really care about the Cavaliers until we drafted Lebron and I was still young when Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore. But, I was lucky enough to go to quite a few INDIANS games over the years. I remember being at the game on September 8, 2001 and seeing Juan Gonzalez hit a grand slam as the fourth INDIANS batter of the game. Kenny Lofton hit a walk-off double to win it in the ninth.

I remember staying up well past my bedtime to watch the INDIANS erase a 7th-inning, 12-run deficit and beat the Mariners in extra innings. My parents went to bed thinking it was a sure loss so I left them a message to see in the morning.

I remember working for the INDIANS in college as one of those annoying fan survey takers. It was worth it to be able to go to the games for free. I remember watching Jim Thome kill the INDIANS in a three-games series when he was with the Baltimore Orioles. And I remember watching Carlos Santana and Travis Hafner hit back-to-back homeruns off of reigning AL MVP Justin Verlander in a win.

I remember thinking Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn were going to be good. I remember that same Nick Swisher hitting a homerun the night Lebron announced his return to Cleveland. The city was buzzing. I remember the INDIANS winning 22 games in a row. I have 1-of-2017 commemorative bats signed by the team.

I’ve watched the INDIANS play in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and clinch the 2016 Central Division title in Detroit. I’ll always call it Jacob’s Field even after the scumbag Dolans sold the naming right to an insurance company to line their own pockets. I watched the INDIANS trade Francisco Lindor. I’ve seen two all-star games in the city and I’ve been through the ups and downs of three World Series losses.

I don’t know where I’m going with this blog. I just started typing with no real direction in mind. I have a lot of memories of a team that doesn’t exist anymore and that sucks. Idk, maybe in a couple months, or years, I might come around on the shitty new name or the shitty new logos. I doubt it.

I’ll be at the game tonight. I’ll be wearing my finest Tampa Bay Rays gear with a “Sell The Team Dolan” sign.

I’m an INDIANS fan.

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