The Donte DiVincenzo Dynasty

The requirements for a sports dynasty have been debated over the years. Do you need to go back-to-back? Two titles in three years? Three titles in five years?

How about five titles in eight years? That’s a dynasty.

That’s exactly what Donte DiVincenzo has done in the last decade. A personal Donte Dynasty.

DiVicenzo’s Salesianum High School team won back-to-back DIAA State Championship in Delaware in 2014 and 2015. Donte had 18 and 11 in the title game as a junior and followed that up with 23 and 13 in his last high school contest the next year.

DiVincenzo (5) with trophy, front row second from right, 2014
DiVincenzo with trophy, front row fourth from left, 2015

A guy named Jerald Wright Jr. took notice and Donte was off to suburban Philadelphia to play at Villanova. Two national titles in three years for DiVincenzo at ‘Nova. Donte missed the 2016 championship game with a “broken foot.”

Remember the 2018 title game Michigan fans? 31 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and named tournament Most Outstanding Player.

Donte in suit, first from left, 2016
Donte with trophy, front row second from left, 2018

Donte was picked 17th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks after exploding in the NCAA Tournament. Last night the Bucks clinched their first championship in 50 years with Donte on the roster. Donte missed the last two month with broken foot.

Donte, front row second from left, 2021

That’s an impressive run for the Michael Jordan of Delaware. Did he miss two of the five championship games? Yea, but his championship rings shine as bright as anybody else’s.


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