The Detroit Tigers Are The Hottest Team In Baseball!

Most of you probably think this is a joke. Maybe you haven’t been watching the Tigers as closely as you would if today was July 21st, 2012, but the Detroit Tigers have won 6 in a row and are the hottest team in all of the MLB. Yes I’m aware they have been beating bad teams (Rangers might be the worst team in baseball) but if they were losing 6 straight and looking like a Jv team, everyone would be saying “they can’t even beat the worst team in the MLB” blah blah blah. You can’t have it both ways. The Tigers are playing the teams on the schedule. And beating them.

Matt Manning pitched a great game today. Not overpowering, just solid pitching. Quality start, 6 innings, 2 runs, couple hits. He pitched out of jams and didn’t let anything phase him. I’ve been known to turn every TV on in the house if the Tigers are on. (Just at house parties) I’ve watched a lot of the games over the past 5 seasons and it was some of the worst baseball I’ve ever seen. But I trusted Al Avila, I trusted the process and I trusted the development of our players. It’s finally paying off. Casey Mize was drafted 3 years ago. He’s already our ace and it feels like an automatic win when he’s taking the bump. That’s INCREDIBLE for a guy who was drafted 3 years ago. Tarik Scubal is literally just as good as Mize but is a lefty. I mean if those guys are our 1-2 punch. HELLO!

Then throw in Matt Manning who is getting is first taste of the big leagues and is developing. You can see he will be fine. He will grow into his body and will be sitting 95/96 MPH next season. That’s just the pitchers. We have fire power coming up in the minors and they will be here soon. What we’re doing with the guys we have is stunning. AJ Hinch is the best manager in baseball and it’s just so awesome to say that. We’re in a great spot. I’ve been trying to tell everyone for years. It wasn’t the popular take, but here we are. We still have a losing record, but the fan base is back. It’s buzzing and it feels like a pennant chase. The best fans in the county have been dying for a competitive team to cheer for. Real recognize real. The fans have recognized a real team. Let’s go.


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