Kevin Spacey Did What?

Big Cat pouted, Rone pouted, Dante’s old beagle made and appearance and then the game started.

Rd 1: The Misfits jump out of the gate quickly with some homerun derby knowledge. Yoenis Cespedes and Prince Fielder were the correct answers to put Reags and the Misfits up 2-0 early.

Rd 2: And they spread the lead to 3-0 with their celebrity mashup of Willen Dafoe and Daniel Radcliffe. Great teamwork by Dante and Hank. But Rone gets the opposing celebrity mashup of Gene Hackman and Macaulay Culkin to cut the lead to 3-1.

Rd 3: A pair of steals in the NBA category kept that lead at two, 4-2. Rone pulled Mo Speights from where the sun doesn’t shine but then went with Tiago Splitter when it was clearly Boris Diaw. C’mon Rone, he was the best passing bigman since Vlade Divac, on the Sac for 10 years. Win some, lose some.

Rd 4: The Yak started to put it together in round 4. Big Cat with the Dan-Patrick-aided steal with Arcade Fire and Steve Cheah bringing out Of Monsters and Men. All tied up at 4-4.

Rd 5: Ol’ Denis Clemente making an appearance on The Dozen. Good pull by Reags on the team’s double. I love how Reags says his final answer, no pause, no double checking. KansasStateFinalAnswer. Rone having Georgia Tech for Luke Schenscher was incredible. 6-5 Misfits. Jeff DeLowe said it, up to this point there had not been a question go unanswered correctly. This was a shootout.

Rd 6 Niche: Both teams chose Barstool History for their opponents niche category; Hank’s category for the Misfits and Big Cat’s category for the Yak. Marty Mush learning how to properly peel a banana from Kevin Spacey is a great story. I knew Marty was on House of Cards and Spacey is a creep, so it made sense. On the flip side, Cheah and Rone were figuring out who to call for their phone-a-friend while Big Cat’s wheels were turning. He just needed a second. Glenda, that bad bitch. 8-7.

BONUS: The guy who killed a guy won the NASCAR Cup Series on three occasions. The Yak was an impressive 4-for-4 to take the bonus points and their first lead of the match, 9-8.

Rd 7: Well executed phone-a-friend here by the Misfits. College football question and they got Brandon F. Walker on the ringer. Roy Williams, safety, not wide receiver or basketball coach, was the correct answer to tie it up again. Cheah responded with some Cheah flair and Derrick Johnson to regain the one-point edge, 10-9.

Rd 8: The Misfits were on fire but could never get over the hump. They nailed three movies in the category to even the score at 10-10. Big Cat’s call to KenJac went unanswered. I’m sure that went over well.

Rd 9: The NFL questions were right up the ally of the Yak and they took advantage of them. Quarterback competitions on Hard Knocks? I doubt Big Cat has ever missed an episode. Elvis Grbac and Quincy Carter to go along with their double to take a three-point lead, 13-10. This round was the game changer. Nail in the proverbial coffin.

Rd 10: Can’t ask Big Cat questions about football shows and follow it up with questions about cookies. The opposing teams is never going to win if that’s the case. Tate’s cookie and Popcorners in the snack category and it was all over. 15-10, up five with four points remaining.

Rd 11: Both teams answered correctly with Uncle Buck and Taken. Great line about a Schindler’s List trilogy from Rone. 16-11.

Rd 12: The Misfits came up with Buffalo, Montreal and the Islanders captains to round out their total of 12 points. The Yak failed to come up with Las Vegas, but it didn’t matter.

Awesome display of knowledge from both teams. The NFL questions were huge for the Yak and all but decided the contest. Three ties, one lead change.

Personally, I got just 6 answers correct, including a niche category question for a total of 7 points (Willem Radcliffe, Mo Speights, Boris Diaw, Kevin Spacey, Quincy Carter, Taken). Eh, decent.

The Experts are back next match to take on Gen XYZ.


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